Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Something's Left To Say

This website is about experimental music. I mean experiment with forms and structures, these kinds of music come from my mind and emotions at first there is no arrangement or preparing for this kind of music such as a sound set recording, mastering, and mixing. It's kind of weird that such method of recording music in this way is out of the ordinary, But I think this is what I'm standing for and what I want to be and what I am, This is not kind of a joke! there were musicians like John Cage that has introduced 'Chance Music' to the world or Pierre Schaeffer who recorded 'environment sounds' and made it as a music or Philip Glass as a minimalist who using repetitive phrases for a long period of time during a lot of section of his music.
I want to emphasize that my music is a music formed by momentary think of the environment, atmosphere, and illusion that surrounded me at the time of creation.
Hope You Enjoy Them As I Enjoy Creating Them.
Thank You All.